New Beginnings

Dear Readers,

Welcome to The Faithful Teacher.  I hope you will find something here that renews your spirit, encourages you, and helps you to grow.

As a teacher, I am always inspired to write about and share what is happening in my school  community and in the educational community at large.  Every day that I am alive and teaching creates a new opportunity for learning (for myself and my students!).   Because the school day is so hectic, there is little time to exchange resources with my colleagues – even in my own building.

As a wife and mother, I am constantly trying to find balance.  God gave me two beautiful children, and I believe that He did so because He knew that if I had been given three, I would have felt completely out of control.  (For those of you with three or more children, I stand in amazement of everything you do to keep the wheels turning.  BRAVO.)

As a Christian, I am humbled by the way God continues to teach me.  Every day.  He may not be shouting in my ear or holding up big signs, but he is nudging, whispering…calling.  As I grow older into my 36 year-old self, I feel closer than ever to the spirit inside that draws me further away from earthly things and tilts my gaze toward the things of heaven.

Since you are new here (and so am I), I would like to tell you what you will and won’t find here…but I can’t.  I can only tell you about the deep longing I have right at this moment to create something beautiful and hopeful and good.  I hope to connect with you and others in a way that makes us all feel the power that is bigger than all of us, and brings us together as one.

I hope you will visit every now and then.





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