Gird Your Loins

Dear Readers,


It’s happening.  The kids.  They’re coming.


Tomorrow they will flood the halls filled with all of the energy they stored up over the holiday break from sleeping in, being sloths, playing video games, watching movies, and eating ridiculous amounts of sugar.  They will complain at first about the wake ups and the nagging parents and the gym shoe and library book reminders.  But then they will think of how much they’ve missed their friends and how they long to have structure even though they don’t really know that they do.


And teachers, we will be there to greet them.  We will give ourselves a pep talk as we hit the alarm and crawl out of bed, wondering how we will put an outfit together after we’ve been wearing mismatched sweats for two weeks.  We will slog ourselves into Starbucks (or in my case, QuikTrip) and grab a caffeinated beverage that will get us through until at least 10:00 a.m.  As we drive to school, we will remind ourselves why we chose this profession and how meaningful it is to us and them.  And there will always be another break around the corner to rescue us from unyielding exhaustion and depletion when it hits us in another two and a half months.

But for now, we are charged; ready to greet and meet those little (and not-so-little) minds right where they are.  For they love us, and we love them.  Every single backpack-wearing, lunch-toting, shoelace-dragging, helplessly smiling one of them.



Vacation is over.  Welcome Back to School.




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