You Are Good.

Dear Readers,

Tonight, I have one simple message for you:  You Are Good.  Everything is good.  You are okay.  Everything is going to be okay.  Don’t we just need someone to tell us this every once in a while, like a best friend would?  Or a close family member?  Or even a stranger?  It doesn’t really matter.

I tend to live in a state of deep thought for at least 90% of my awake state.  Sometimes it’s a great thing, and sometimes it’s my worst enemy, being a deep thinker.  I tend to think deeply about everything, from my job to the dinner that I’m cooking to my parenting to going to the mailbox.  It’s something that I regularly have to try not to do.

When my wheels are turning like that, it inevitably leads to some sort of troubling thought, usually about something that I am (or am not) doing.  It’s not a “feel good” sort of thing.  It’s heavy.  It weighs me down.  And it takes up time that I could be spending enjoying life and being in the moment.

So let’s work together to say “It’s all going to be okay.”  I don’t think God wants us to feel troubled all of the time.  Let’s take a deep breath and smile and let the feel-good in because hey!  It’s Saturday night, and everything’s alright.

God is good, and we are okay.  Okay?  🙂






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